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How to Troubleshoot a Hague Water Softener Overflow

Vanessa Ryan

Hague is a company that makes a variety of water products that include reverse osmosis systems, filters and water softeners. Water softeners remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your water supply. Your Hague water softener is designed for trouble-free operation. Sometimes, certain elements of the system may act up on you, like the softener overflow, requiring some troubleshooting action.

Step 1

Set the water softener in the bypass position to flush the lines of any sediment or air, including the overflow lines if the overflow tank won’t drain properly.

Step 2

Rotate the overflow elbows so they face downward before you begin using the water softener to avoid the overflow backing up into the tank.

Step 3

Connect the overflow lines securely to each cabinet if water is leaking onto the floor where the lines meet the cabinets.

Step 4

Lead the overflow lines to a suitable floor drain and secure them if water is getting on the floor from the end of the lines. The drain must be no less than 3 inches lower than the lowest part of the overflow fitting.

Step 5

Inspect the overflow lines to see if they’re kinked or pinched if the overflow tank backs up and the water isn’t flowing through the tubes. Straighten them out so the water can flow unimpeded.