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Instructions for Hooking Up a Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine

Andrew Todd

Whirlpool Duet washing machines are energy-efficient, front-loading residential clothes washers. Duet washing machines require electricity and two water supply lines, one for hot water and one for cold water, to be installed within reach of the washer. A drain line also must be near the rear of the washing machine to drain used water. Once the Whirlpool Duet washing machine is in place, you must connect the water lines, drain line and power cable before you can begin using the machine.

Step 1

Locate the power cord on the rear of the washing machine. The power cord is on the top-right side of the machine, and when shipped from the factory it is inserted into a hole to the right of the power cord base. Pull the cord out of the hole, then seal the hole, using the cap attached to the ring around the hole. Drape the power cord over the top of the washing machine.

Step 2

Slide the drain hose squeeze-clamp over the end of the elbow end of the drain hose, then, while squeezing the clamp, place the end of the drain hose onto the machine's drain port. Release the clamp when the hose is completely seated over the drain port, securing the hose to the port. It may be necessary to use pliers to squeeze the clamp.

Step 3

Attach the drain hose form to the drain hose, then insert the other drain hose end into the stand pipe. Only insert approximately 4.5 inches of the drain hose into the standpipe, and do not force the hose into the pipe.

Step 4

Secure the drain hose to the standpipe, using zip ties.

Step 5

Connect the inlet hoses to the two inlet valves beside the standpipe. Thread the connectors by hand onto the inlet valves, then tighten, using the channel wrench.

Step 6

Place the ends of the hoses in a bucket, then turn on each valve for a few seconds to run water through and clean the hoses and water line.

Step 7

Connect the inlet hoses to the hot and cold water inlets on the rear of the washing machine. Be sure to connect the hot water line to the "H" inlet, and the cold water line to the "C" inlet. Tighten by hand, then further tighten with the channel wrench.

Step 8

Turn on the water valves and make certain there are no leaks. If there are leaks, turn off the water, then tighten the leaking connection.

Step 9

Plug the power cord into a three-prong, grounded outlet to complete the installation.