How to Repair Hurd Aluminum Clad Windows

F.R.R. Mallory

Hurd is a fairly large window manufacturer. The company has produced windows for more than 90 years in a variety of styles and finishes. Hurd's aluminum clad windows are one variety that has sold in many areas of the country. The performance of the window styles varies depending on environmental conditions and other care factors so it is not possible to identify all possible repair issues a consumer may face. Most Hurd windows have a multi-part warranty which you should explore before trying to repair a window on your own.

Well maintained windows add to the value of a house.

Step 1

Identify the exact size and type of window you have. If the window was made before 1998, then it is likely the parts are no longer readily available. Hurd has created universal parts that can be adapted to these older windows. When possible, order newer model parts using the exact model type, size and year.

Step 2

Evaluate the repair cost of your existing Hurd window if it is older than 1998. In some cases the larger casement style Hurd windows sold before 1998 were subject to weight-related mechanical failures that required frequent repairs. If your window is one of these, consider the replacement cost of a new window as a reasonable repair alternative.

Step 3

Order the replacement parts for the type of failure issue you are experiencing. With casement windows, common repairs include: cranks, locks, sash brackets, crank operators, split-arm operators, hinge clips and arms, sash keepers, track shoes and track sets, sashes, grilles, weatherstrips and screens. Common double-hung repairs include: screens, rail lock, tilt latch, tilt pins, weatherstrip, nailing fins and sashes. Sash kits are sold with installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Step 4

Replace individual pieces such as cranks, latches, weatherstrip, locks, screens, grilles, rail locks, tilt latches and similar items by removing the damaged piece and replacing it with the new component. Some components include a replacement diagram and instructions, but most replacements can be made by observing adjacent window attachments for correct position and placement.

Step 5

Replace larger and more complex systems such as sashes, crank operators, split-arm operators, hinge clips and arms, sash keepers, track shoes and track sets by reviewing the detailed replacement instructions included with the parts. Typical instructions may be several pages long and include both diagrams and photographs to assist you in making the repairs. In some cases, Hurd does not provide accessible repair instructions. If you cannot figure out the installation, you may need to hire a window repair technician to install your new parts.