Easy-to-Make Home Gallery to Display Kids' Art

Charlotte Smith

Using a simple wire system to display your kids artwork is a quick, effective, and attractive gallery wall for all the papers that inevitably pile up.

For anyone who has children, you know that the papers and artwork can pile up fast. Finding an easy way to store and display their artwork can be a challenge. With this solution, one small wall becomes a sweet gallery for dozens of pictures and creations that you can swap out in a snap.


  1. This gallery wall is hung 6 inches from either side of the wall, and the wires are 14 inches apart from each other. Depending upon the artwork you intend to display, change the distance between wires accordingly.

  2. Mark the Wall

  3. Using the laser level, make sure the left wall mount is in line with the right wall mount.

  4. Put Together the Curtain Wall Mounts

  5. Screw posts into the left and right wall mounts. For this IKEA system, one side is threaded to screw in clockwise, and the other is threaded to screw in counter clockwise.

  6. Predrill

  7. Mark the wall where you need to drill and, using a smaller bit, pre-drill.

  8. Tip

    Follow the instructions on your packet of anchors/ screws for the proper size drill bit.

    Screw On the Wall Mounts

  9. Screw in the left and right mounts of the curtain system and place the metal plate over each one to hide the screws.

  10. Attach the Wire

  11. Lightly unscrew the two small set screws and insert the wire into the right wall mount. Tighten the screws, thereby holding the wire securely in place.

  12. Make sure the left post has 5/8-inch gap between the three sections. This space will be essential when you go to tighten the wire.

  13. Hold the wire against the left post and, using sharp wire cutters, cut the wire as long as the first section. Lightly unscrew the two set screws and insert the wire into the left wall mount. Tighten the screws to hold the wire in place.

  14. Tighten the Wire

  15. Hold the right end of the left post steady and use your Allen wrench to screw the middle section in, therefore bringing the three sections together and tightening the wire.

  16. Repeat with More Wires (Optional)

  17. For this gallery wall, three curtain systems were used to allow for three rows of artwork. This is personal preference.

  18. Hang Your Artwork

  19. Hook clips onto each length of wire and hang your artwork!

  20. These three simple wires can hold dozens of drawings and paintings but don't take up too much visual space on the wall. The best part is that the kids can help display their own artwork. Having so many colorful hand-made items is the best wall decor we could ask for!