How to Use a Hole Saw

A key tool in any handyman's arsenal is the hole saw.

Hole saw bits come in a variety of sizes so you'll be able to find many bits to attach to your drill. Keep reading to learn how to use your hole saw.

Measure the size of the hole you plan to drill. Hole saw bits come in many different widths. Choose the correct bit size for the job.

Consider the depth of the hole you're planning to create. Most hole saw bits cut about one inch deep, but you can purchase a bigger bit.

Attach the hole saw bit to your drill. An ordinary 12-volt drill will work for small holes drilled in wood but you may need a sturdier drill to cut bigger holes in different materials.

Find the center of the hole you plan to drill. Measure it off and mark it so you'll know where to start. Line up the pilot bit with the middle of the mark.

Drill the hole. Go slowly to reduce friction. This will give your hole saw bit a longer life and keep the material you're drilling from splintering.


  • The exact RPMs to use to drill a hole will depend on the material you're drilling and saw size.
  • Spring for the sharpest hole saw drill bits you can afford. Dull bits take longer to drill the hole and this increases your chance of moving the bit and drilling off-center.
  • Consider buying a hole saw kit if you are just starting out. Kits include a few different sized bits and handy storage box.