How to Replace Dining Room Chair Seats

Those dining room chairs handed down to you from your great-grandmother are nostalgic, but you feel nervous anytime someone sits on them. Before an accident takes place at your next dinner party, you can replace the seats to those rickety chairs.

  1. Remove the old seat. Turn the chair upside down and loosen the screws holding the seat in place. Pay attention to how the seat is held in place because you'll have to duplicate this when you install the new seat.

  2. Discard the old upholstery. You may need to use a flat screw driver to pry out the staples holding the fabric in place under the seat. Remove all of the staples and tacks in the seat. Before discarding the old upholstery, lay it flat on a large piece of brown paper, butcher paper or wrapping paper. Trace it with your crayon.

  3. Make a template. Place the seat on a large piece of cardboard and trace it. Cut the trace out from the cardboard. Place your cardboard template over the seat to be sure it's accurate.

  4. Trace the template. Place the template on a piece of wood as thick as the original seat and trace it. Using a jigsaw, cut on the line. Be sure to cut accurately so that the seat will fit tightly.

  5. Finish the seat. Lightly sand the edges of the seat so that it won't snag or rip the upholstery. After checking the fit of your new seat, apply a seat cushion and reupholster, using the brown paper tracing of the old fabric as a pattern.

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