How to Clean a Belgian Waffle Iron

After making crispy and delicious Belgian waffles at home in your shiny Belgian waffle iron, you might be left with a sticky and decidedly hard-to-clean mess on your hands.

But before you attempt to toss your waffle iron into the dishwasher, here's how to clean it sans electrocution.

Make sure that your waffle iron is turned off, unplugged and has cooled down before you begin cleaning it.

Use a damp kitchen sponge with soaked in warm water and dish soap and gently scrub the griddle surface and wipe down the iron. For sticky or stuck-on batter, use a kitchen scrubbing brush or an old toothbrush dipped in warm water to remove anything that the sponge can't pick up.

Clean removable waffle plated according to the manufacturer's directions. Some models have dishwasher safe removable griddle plates. If you're unsure, assume that the plates can't go in the dishwasher.

Protect cast iron griddle plates by wiping them down with a paper towel or damp sponge and then coat the cast iron parts with a small amount of cooking oil to prevent rusting. For stuck-on bits, use a scrub brush but always avoid washing cast iron pieces.

Always dry your Belgian waffle iron with a dry paper towel or rag after you've cleaned it. Never submerse any electrical appliance or its parts in water unless the manufacturer specifically designed it to be immersible.


  • Avoid soaking the griddle plates or using too much water to clean the plates. The goal is to clean it, not to rinse it.