How to Buy a Discount Herman Miller Aeron Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron office chair was on the vogue edge of ergonomically designed seating in 1995. It is still the ultimate in office chairs and carries a pretty heft price tag, anywhere from $800 to more than $1,000 new. With so many moving parts and such a high priority on comfort, a good Aeron chair is an investment you may want to consider buying.

  1. Consider shopping the Internet for a new Aeron chair at a discount price. For example, Sit4less has a basic Herman Miller Aeron for just $579. You should receive the Herman Miller warranty no matter where you buy it. A few other Internet sites are listed below.

  2. Test the chair for yourself if you are purchasing a used Aeron. While these chairs are some of the best made chairs available, Aeron chairs use many movable parts. A very heavy user can change the profile of the chair. Be very careful when buying used furniture over the Internet, sight unseen.

  3. Visit a furniture rental company, such as CORT Furniture or Aaron Rents. They are located in most communities and often sell the Aeron chair used after it has been rented. Rentals tend to be short-term, leaving the chair in as-good-as-new condition. You can sit on it and try out all the controls before purchasing.

  4. Go to HermanMiller.com to get a manual to learn how to use the chair if you purchased one used and couldn't get a book. Operating the Aeron chair properly is very important to take advantage of the ergonomic features.

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