How to Make a Desk Out of a Dresser

Create a space-saving desk out of a new or used dresser.

This project is ideal for a guest bedroom or any place in your home where space is tight. All you need is a set of hinges to convert a draw to a fold out desk top. The rest of the drawers can act as handy and spacious storage for office supplies.

Choose a desk that has a drawer at chair level. Tall, narrow dressers or shorter, wider dressers will both work for this project. If you plan to paint or refinish the dresser, do it before making it into a desk.

Remove one draw (whichever one is at the proper height for writing or using a lap top. Remove the side and bottom of the draw, leaving just the front panel.

Install a sliding pullout shelf into the drawer opening. You can purchase a pull out shelf at home improvement or storage stores. Follow the manufactures instructions for installation.

Attach a long hinge (or two smaller ones) to the bottom, backside of the drawer panel. Then attach the hinge to the dresser. Instead of pulling the drawer out, it will now fold down.

Secure the fold down drawer panel with a bracket on either side, attached to the inside of the drawer opening.

Store office supplies in the drawers. Put paper in one drawer and organize smaller items inside a silverware caddy in a top drawer.

Things You Will Need

  • Dresser
  • Pull-put shelf
  • Hinge
  • Brackets
  • Silverware caddy


  • If you are using an old dresser for this project, make sure it is sturdier enough to act as a desk.