How to Use Peppermint Extract to Clean Your Home

Who needs Mr. Clean when Mother Nature has provided the brightest, freshest ways to clean and sanitize the home? The bright, cheerful scent of peppermint does more than smell nice; the little bottle also does double duty as a cleaning solvent. Read on to discover how to use pepeprmint extract to make your abode spic and span.

Use Peppermint Extract to Clean Your Home
  1. Clean and freshen your microwave by moistening a damp, clean sponge or rag with about 1/2 teaspoons peppermint extract. Wipe down sides and walls of microwave to remove any lingering odors and food stains.

  2. Pour about 2 teaspoons peppermint extract into a clean empty spray bottle. Fill about halfway up with water. Go around the house and spritz your "air freshener" where needed. This is a non-toxic, pleasat-smelling way to deodorize your environment without any nasty chemicals.

  3. After you've washed your kitchen cutting boards, give them a couple of squirts from your spray bottle to clean and deodorize them. Use a couple of squirts from your spray bottle to wipe down the walls of your oven in between cleanings, too. Leaves a nice fresh aroma.

  4. If you've been chopping onions or fileting fish, wash your hands with soapy water, then wipe them dry with a paper towel moistened with a few drops of peppermint extract. The odors will vanish.

  5. Wipe down a baby's high chair and tray between uses with a damp sponge or clean rag moistened with peppermint extract. You won't be using chemicals and the peppermint is a natural cleansing agent.