How to Remove Wax From Wood Floor

Jonae Fredericks

Beautiful wood floors add value to your home and require very little maintenance. Very often, a finished wood floor is only in need of a sweep! But sometimes you may may need a little more. Candles have become very popular, and with the new array of housewarming scents, they are an obvious choice for freshening your home and masking unwanted odors. But what happens when you spill some of that candle wax on your lovely wood floor? How do you clean it without stripping the finish? It is important to remember that any harsh chemical or cleaning product, can cause harm to your wood. In some cases, an entire wood sanding and finishing may be necessary. To avoid having to refinish your floor due to a wax mishap, follow the below steps.

Wood floor
  1. Turn your hair dryer to low, and heat up the spilled candle wax. You want to heat the candle wax just enough to be able to lift it from the wood floor. Overheating , or completely melting the candle wax, will only set you back in the removal process, bringing you right back to the beginning.

  2. Try lifting the candle wax off of your wood floor only after it becomes softened with the hair dryer. This can be done by slipping your fingernail under the wax and lifting, or by rubbing the scrubbie over the wax until it lifts up.

  3. Continue the process of applying heat with your hair dryer, and lifting with your fingernail or scrubbie until the candle wax is completely removed.

  4. Lightly clean the area with a sponge and the water and vinegar mixture.

  5. Dab the area dry with a clean cloth. The wax is gone, and your floor is as good as new!

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