How to Pick a Mattress for a Stomach Sleeper

Aside from the advice that you should avoid sleeping on your stomach, most salespeople and doctors don't know how to help you select the best mattress if you sleep on your stomach.

This problem is easily solved with the right mattress if you sleep alone, but choosing the right mattress for both you and a spouse with a different sleeping style can be tricky.

Opt for a soft mattress and sleep without a pillow. Because you aren't likely to change your sleeping habits all at once, if at all, arch your back less by keeping your head level with the rest of your body. You need a mattress that is soft enough to be comfortable without a pillow in this case.

Choose a mattress that isn't too firm. An overly firm mattress may support back and side sleepers well, but doesn't have enough give for stomach sleepers.

Pick a mattress that isn't too soft either. A mattress that gives too much arches the spine even more than stomach sleeping already does.

Cater to both people sleeping on the bed by choosing a mattress with adjustable firmness. Retailers such as Select Comfort offer the option of one or two air cushions in these types of beds (see Resources). Having two air cushions means you can each have a firmness setting to suit your individual needs.


  • If your only option is to retrain your body to sleep on your side or back, use pillows or firm foam wedges to prevent yourself from rolling over onto your stomach while sleeping.