How to cut Glass for a Mosaic Backsplash

For any mosaic backsplash project, you need to accurately cut glass tiles. Cutting glass tiles can be a bit tricky for an inexperienced tiler. Using the wrong tools or technique can crush or shatter glass tiles. Learn to cut glass for a mosaic backsplash with these simple tips.

Place the glass on a flat surface and wear safety glasses when cutting glass tiles.

Measure and mark the tile to the size and shape that you require for the mosaic backsplash.

Position the metal ruler on the marked line on the shiny or smooth side of the glass tile.

Hold the oil glass cutter firmly in one hand and place the other on the metal ruler. Use the metal ruler to guide the cut.

Position the glass cutters on the edge of the glass tile and apply even pressure as you slide the instrument across to the other side to score the glass. Be careful when you apply pressure because to much can cause the glass to splinter. Too little pressure makes the tile hard to break.

Use the running pliers with its center mark lined up with the score line and squeeze firmly until the tile snaps along the score line. The screw on the pliers should be facing up.

Practice this technique on spare tiles before attempting to cut glass for your mosaic backsplash to ensure accurate cuts. You can use this technique for circular or less uniform shapes as well.

Things You Will Need

  • Marker
  • Metal ruler
  • Oil glass cutters
  • Running pliers
  • Safety glasses


  • Use a small amount of oil when using oil glass cutters to prevent too much oil leaking onto the glass.

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