How to Make an Expandable Table

There are all kinds of expanding tables with various pull-apart, flip-up and leaf designs, from round to square and everything in between. Building your own expanding table can be as complex a process as you want and need it to be. This expanding table can be built using a minimum of tools, and it provides a good return on your investment of time. It can be built with any type of wood, but is best made with a hardwood for durability and stability.

  1. Cut four matching leg pieces from your hard wood, and style them using a router any way you like.

  2. Cut four 1 foot wide base boards that are three quarters the width and length of the table top you are building, and attach all four legs at the appropriate angles to these base boards. What you have will look like a standing table with a hole in the middle.

  3. Cut your table top to the total width you want the table to be.

  4. Center it on the table legs and base assembly, then carefully measure each side to assure that the base and legs are directly in the center of the large table top.

  5. Mark off 1/8 of the length and width of the table top on each side, and cut this section off using a table saw. Do the longer sections first, then the shorter sections, so as not to cut off any corner pieces.

  6. Secure the table top to the legs and base, careful to measure accurately once again.

  7. Reattach the smaller 1/8 size pieces to the table top, using strong hinges under the table top. You can now move these 1/8 size pieces up and down on the hinge.

  8. Attach small wooden latches underneath the table using one screw just behind the cut. Swivel these latches (which are simply wood rods) around to secure the table in the upright position, or allow the leaves to be lowered.