How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit Area

There's nothing like being able to go straight to your backyard to enjoy a nice cozy night time fire with your honey close by. Build your fire pit beside an outdoor waterfall pond and you're set - fire and water feng shui!

Build an Outdoor Fire Pit Area
  1. Begin by deciding where your fire pit will be. An ideal spot would be under a tree so that your sitting area will be at least partially shaded. If you opt for this, make sure the tree branches are high enough that they will not get burned by the fire. If needed, you could trim off the lower branches.

  2. Draw out the shape of the sitting area with the spray paint. It doesn't have to be perfectly proportional, in fact, it will look better randomly shaped with some curves. Keep in mind that the fire pit will be part of this area too.

  3. Using your shovel begin to overturn the top 4 inches of soil in the whole marked area. With your hoe or a rake pull out all the grass and discard or use the grass to cover bare areas elsewhere on your lawn.

  4. Once all the grass in removed, begin to further break up the soil with the hoe and then rake the area until smooth and level. This takes some time.

  5. Around the perimeter of your area dig a trench as wide as the edging you are going to use. The top of the edging should be about 2 inches above the dirt level. I had extra interlocking stone pieces from another project I used. See the picture here.

  6. Roll out the weed control covering and cut to the size of your area overlapping as you go. Include the trenched area.

  7. Set your edging pieces around the entire perimeter in the trench. Make sure the top of the edger is just above the dirt level.

  8. Now begin to shovel the pea gravel into the area. Use an ample amount and fill until just below the top of the edger. Smooth out and level.

  9. Begin building the fire pit by placing enough landscaping blocks so that a complete circle is made. Make it large or small, you're choice. You may have to reposition these a few times to see how you want this to look. We used 12 blocks on the bottom and added another 12 on top of those.

  10. Dump a small bag of play sand into the center of the fire pit and smooth out. This will keep the pea gravel from charring.

  11. You may want to add flagstone into the pea gravel as a decorative touch. Just remove some of the gravel in the area where you want the flagstone and inset the stone. Twist the flagstone back and forth until level.

  12. Fix you a little place for firewood and you're set.