How to Fold the American Flag for a Triangle Display Case

There is no greater symbol of loyalty and patriotism than to have the American flag folded into a triangle display case. For war heros and decorated military personnel, a triangle flag case can be designed to display medals as well as the flag. Here's how to fold the sentimental flag precisely to fit the display case.

Fold the American Flag for a Triangle Display Case
  1. Fold over. Holding all four coners of the flag, fold the lower stripes over the blue field.

  2. Double fold. Holding all four corners again, fold the flag again. The folded edge of the flag should come together with open edge, forming a long, folded flag displaying the blue field on the left side.

  3. Create a triangle. Bring up the bottom corner of the stripes and create a triangle fold.

  4. Fold inward. Turn the outer point of the folded corner inward. The fold should be parallel to the open edge.

  5. Complete. Continue the triangular pattern of folding. The finished triangles should display only the blue field.