How to Repair Plumbing on a Bathroom Jacuzzi Tub

As bathrooms and the fixtures installed in them become more sophisticated, so do the maintenance issues. A Jacuzzi is a brand name hot tub or whirlpool bath that uses mostly PVC or other plastic pipes for connections, along with hose clamps. This is common in the industry and these types of parts are available at virtually any hardware store.

A Jacuzzi tub with a plastic frontal access panel.

Step 1

Access the inner workings of the tub. These tubs will have a removable front apron or plastic access pane. Ensure that there is ample access to the area of the tub where the leak is occurring by removing the access panels.

Step 2

Once access has been gained, fill the tub with water and run the jets or circulating system to determine the location of the leak. Once the leak has been found, drain all water from the tub and run the circulating system for a minute or two to expel all water from the tub plumbing.

Step 3

If the leak was found in the PVC piping, determine the size PVC pipe and fittings needed. Cut out the leaking portion with a hacksaw and glue in the repair. Coat both sides with PVC glue and press them into place giving them a slight turn for positive contact. Remember to dry fit the repair pieces before applying the glue.

Step 4

If the leak is found at a fitting attached to the tub, water pump or heater, determine whether or not the fitting is one that is easily obtainable at your local home improvement store. Many times a flexible plastic hose can be used in these situations. If so, obtain one and continue with the repair.

Step 5

Once the repair is complete, refill the tub, test the circulating system, and reinstall the access panels.

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