How to Pack and Move The Best and Most Efficient Way

Few people enjoy packing or moving. This time-consuming, exhausting, frustrating task can be made somewhat easier by taking the time to get organized beforehand and following a few simple guidelines as you go. You can make the moving process itself easier by either finding a group of friends to help or hiring someone to move for you.

  1. Pack your items carefully, using different methods for different things. For example, wrap breakable items in bubble wrap. However, you do not need to follow such precautions with pots and pans. Pack books in small boxes since they tend to be heavy.

  2. Label each box carefully as you pack. A simple label like "Toys" is not effective if you have several children. However, "Bobbie's Room: Toys" lets you know exactly what is in the box. Label the boxes with a black marker so it is easily identified. When loading the truck, place the box with the label facing the truck opening so you can see where it goes before you even pick it up.

  3. Pack the truck so that boxes for the back rooms in the new house are the first to be taken off the truck. This prevents boxes from stacking up near the front of the house and creating obstacles to the rest of the moving process.

  4. Make sure you have a special box -- labeled appropriately -- that contains all of your essentials, such as medicines and toiletries. Keep this box in the cab of the truck or somewhere else you can access easily. This way if unpacking is delayed, you still have your basic necessities covered.

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