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Public Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Kay Ireland

Public bathrooms can be notoriously drab, boring and cold, not to mention are often dirty and unpleasant. If you are the owner of a business that offers public bathrooms, you may want to put some thought into decorating your bathroom so that it is calm and inviting, and gives customers a generally pleasant experience.


Having a clean and inviting bathroom can bring repeat customers to you, as they'll associate your business with that pleasant feeling. Here are some bathroom decorating ideas.


One of the biggest changes you can make while decorating a public bathroom is to address the problem of lighting. Public bathrooms most always have bright, utilitarian fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is economical but not very attractive. Remedy the problem by adding more lighting for a classier look. You could try placing sconces on the walls or even a small table with a large lamp on it to diffuse the bright cast from the fluorescent lighting. Address lighting as you would at home; finding lighting for functional and accent purposes.


Public bathroom mirrors are almost always the same; either long slaps or single mirrors that are plain and have harsh edges. Consider changing them out for framed mirrors. You can find interesting mirrors at flea markets, antique auctions and estate sales. The new mirrors don't all need to be the same, group different styles of mirrors for an interesting and eclectic look to your bathroom. Replace one long slab mirror with many smaller mirrors to create a contemporary look that customers will appreciate.


Don't be afraid to bring some items into the public bathroom that make customers feel comfortable, like they would in their bathroom at home. Decorative towels folded in the corner of the counter can soften an ugly counter. A small table with a vase and some fresh flowers do wonders to a public bathroom. Even some attractive artwork on the walls will take away the cold and often military feeling one gets from a public bathroom. Decorate the bathroom with accessories that tie in the theme or decor of the rest of the store, whether it is traditional, modern, contemporary or quirky.