How to Build a Waterfall in a Fish Pond

A backyard fish pond provides so much to enjoyment to all kinds of outdoor decor and landscaping.

Build a Waterfall in a Fish Pond

Waterfalls add beauty to ponds.Waterfalls add beauty to ponds.
You can create an even more pleasing oasis with the addition of a waterfall in the fish pond. Waterfalls are not only beautiful to look at and pleasing to the ear, they also can improve the circulation and health of your pond.

Attach a long, flexible tube to a submersible waterfall pump. Conversely, attach a flexible plastic tube to both sides of a nonsubmersible garden pond pump. Position the pump, or the end of the intake tube, into an existing backyard fish pond. Hide an out-of-water pump with several rocks or a prefabricated pump box. The submersible pump should be raised off the bottom of the pond with a stack of bricks or rocks. Protect the intake openings from being clogged with detritus by using commercial filters or something similar.

Run the output hose or tubing out of the pond and secure it with a few carefully placed rocks. Be sure not to crush the tube as this will obstruct water flow and increase strain on your pump mechanism. Bend the tube gently or use an L-bend connector for a solid pipe fitting to change the horizontal tube into a vertical one. Use rocks to hold the tube or pipe in place to the appropriate height. Leave enough extra tube to connect to the waterfall adapter piece. Check for leaks or problems with water flow before continuing and fix if necessary.

Build an attractive arrangement of rocks the surrounds the rocks or pot holding up the output water tube from the pump. If you want a free-falling waterfall, construct the pile with a large, flat rock at the top. The water can spread out over this and fall back into the pond. You also can create a series of steps using flat rocks the water can cascade down. Be sure the general angle of all rocks points toward the pond and not away or you will have water flowing behind the waterfall and weakening the structure.

Attach the flat waterfall adapter to the top of the output hose coming from the pond pump. Position it so it is pointing gently downward toward the pond. It should overhang the pond edge so the water falls back into the pond and not out of it onto the ground. Be sure the water will not flow over any dirt or ground as this will dirty your pond water. Plant grass or pond margin plants on the dirt mound to prevent erosion and create a more attractive waterfall.

Prime the external waterfall pumps as required by the manufacturer and then plug in the pump. Adjust the waterfall adapter or the hose top so the water flows attractively over the top of the waterfall and into the pond below. Now, sit back and enjoy your new waterfall in a fish pond.

Things You Will Need

  • Fish pond
  • Rocks
  • Waterfall pump
  • Pump hoses and tube
  • Flat pond waterfall attachment


  • Secure rocks with adhesive or waterproof sealant for added stability.