How to Redo Your Bedroom for $100 or Less

Create a dream bedroom without a nightmare price. Spend your imagination, not your savings creating a bargain makeover. Add a splash of color and repurpose old furnishings to create a cozy corner. Toss in some colorful linens for a fresh-look bedroom that costs less than $100 to create.

Bring a bistro table to the bedroom for a cute and functional work or makeup area.

Step 1

Clear the clutter in your bedroom. Get rid of tired, old furniture and put away anything that isn’t used every day.

Step 2

Pick up a tired bedroom with a fresh coat of paint. Brush on two colors; add a darker accent color behind the headboard, while painting the other walls a neutral color. Because this is a sleeping space, use soothing colors.

Step 3

Choose a corner in your room for a reading chair. If you do not have an extra chair on hand, search thrift and yard sales to find a chair for $20 or less. “Shop” around your home for a chair that can find new life in the bedroom.

Step 4

Add a compact bistro set to the room if a chair isn’t enough. Find a used set to refinish or an off-season clearance set to add a practical work area to the room. Paint a metal or wood set to complement the room.

Step 5

Shop for an inexpensive comforter to toss on the bed. A new comforter adds a pop of color without a big investment.

Step 6

Add a colorful houseplant or two when you redo your bedroom. Plants soften the look of the room and contribute to healthier air. Pick easy to care for plants suited for the light your room gets during the day.