How to Bend Square Tubing

A variety of household and steel projects require pipe and steel tubing, such as roll bars for a go-cart, a frame for a work bench or a support on a hay bale holder.

Bend Square TubingBend Square Tubing
Unlike PVC pipe, joints and connectors for steel square tubing can be expensive and a hassle to assemble and connect. Knowing how to properly bend square tubing will prevent you from spending more money on replacement steel square tubing--because of all the kinks you will put in it if you attempt to bend it incorrectly.

Tape duct tape over one end of the steel tube. Fill the tube completely full of sand and duct tape the end shut.

Tighten the tube vertically into a bench vise, just below where you want the bend in your tube to start.

Use a torch to heat 3 inches of the tube, starting at where it is tightened into the vise. Heat the tube until it is glowing red hot.

Slide the larger steel tube or pipe about 6 to 12 inches onto the top of the tube you heated with the torch. This tube will be used as a leverage device to bend the square tube.

Bend the tube slowly by pulling the leverage tube toward yourself. Reheating with the torch may be needed to complete the bend you desire.

Things You Will Need

  • Duct tape Fine sand Bench vise Heating torch Protective leather gloves Protective eye wear 2- to 3-foot steel round pipe or steel square tube with an opening that is just a bit larger than the tube you're bending


  • Always practice safety when working with a torch. Wear protective leather gloves and protective eye wear.

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