How to Build a Table With Removable Legs

J. Williams

Building a table with removable legs makes it easy to move, and it also gives you the option of choosing your own colors and design. Building a table with removable legs can be a difficult task, and when working with real wood, it can become quite costly. Yet with pre-cut materials, building your own table with removable legs is fast and affordable. Follow these step-by-step instructions to quickly and easily build a table with removable legs.

Table leg with screw
  1. Buy a tabletop at the hardware store. Unfinished round and rectangle tabletops are available at hardware stores. The stores also carry a wide range of sizes in each style. Either style works great for a table with removable legs.

  2. Buy the table legs. Hardware stores carry unfinished table legs with screws already inserted in many sizes and designs. Don't forget to purchase the stain or paint. Make sure that the ends have screws and not pegs or the legs will not be removable.

  3. Set up two sawhorses and lay the tabletop across. Stain or paint the top of the table. Once the table is dry, turn it over and stain or paint the other side. Allow it to dry. For a darker appearance apply a second coat. Repeat the process with the legs.

  4. Mark a square in the center of the table with the tape measure. There should be approximately six inches from the edge of the table and the edge of the square, although the distance may vary with tabletop size.

  5. Use a drill with the correct size drill bit to make a pilot hole in each corner of the square. Make sure the hole is smaller than the screw on the legs. Screw the legs into the holes. Your legs should be tight but easily removed.