How to Build a Wooden Garden Chair

Humans have been gardening for at least 4000 years.

With so many years of gardening, it is no surprise that gardening has become more and more beautiful over the years. This makes people want to sit around and enjoy looking at their hard work. Garden furniture, however, can be expensive. With just a few tools, though, you can make your own set of garden chairs, or even just one for your own enjoyment.

Put on to ensure no sawdust gets in your eyes. Use the jigsaw to cut the pressure-treated board into two equal 4' sections.

Measure a 5" section directly in the middle of one end of one of the boards. Continue marking this exact 5" section all the way up the board, until you are ten inches away from the other end of the board. If you need diagrams to help you visualize this process, click the link in the Resources section.

Use the saw to cut out the sections that you just marked off. You want to cut off the edges of the board all the way up to where you stopped marking the 5" middle section. This should leave 10" up at the end of the board (the end you didn't mark) that is uncut. When finished cutting, you should have what looks like a top-heavy "T." Dispose of the two sections you just cut off.

Measure 13.5" from one end of your second board. Now, make a mark directly in the center of the width of the board at the 13.5" mark. Measure out a 5 1/4"X2" measurement around this mark. The cut should be 5 1/4" wide, and 2" tall. Mark the entire rectangle.

Drill a hole directly into the center of the 5 1/4"X2" measurement you made. Make sure the drill bit you use is large enough to allow the jigsaw through the hole. Put the jigsaw into the hole and carefully cut out the rectangle you marked.

Slide the 5" section of the first board you worked with into the rectangular hole you made in the second board. You can now choose to cut an angle at the ends of each board that touches the ground. This step is not neccessary, but it will make the chair more stable.

Things You Will Need

  • Drill Drill bit 2X10X8 Pressure treated board Goggles Measuring tape Pencil Jigsaw


  • View the "Plans" link below for a detailed diagram of the wood cuts you should be making. Viewing this diagram before beginning will make the process easier.


  • Use caution when using the jigsaw. Always wear protective goggles when sawing.


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