How to Replace a Chain Pull on a Ceiling Fan

The chain pulls on ceiling fans are easy to replace. Often, the chain included in the package with the fan kit is too short for anyone to reach except basketball players. Besides a desire to lengthen the chain, you also might want to replace the plain design with a more decorative fan pull. The replacement process is the same since the only difference in decorative and plain chain pulls is the piece on the end. Follow these simple steps to change the chain pull on your ceiling fan in less than five minutes.

  1. Turn the ceiling fan off at the light switch.

  2. Follow the chain pull from the bottom until you reach the joining bead.

  3. Pull the top bead in bottom half of the chain up from the bottom of the joint bead to the center.

  4. Pull the top bead in the bottom half of the chain through the center of the joint bead.

  5. Put the last bead in the new chain into the center of the joint bead and slide it down to the bottom until it clicks into place.