How to Repair Vinyl Furniture

Vinyl furniture creates the look of leather without the expensive price tag. The downside of vinyl is it is not as durable as leather. This makes it more susceptible to holes and tears. If you find a small hole in your furniture, there is a simple and inexpensive way to remedy the problem. A trip to the local fabric store and a bottle of vinyl adhesive is an easy way for even a novice do-it-yourselfer to fix the problem.

  1. Cut the edges of the hole to make an even circle.

  2. Purchase a piece of vinyl fabric that is the same color as the furniture you are repairing. It must be large enough to cover the entire hole. If you cannot find a piece of fabric to match your furniture, purchase a white piece and dye it to match using a fabric colorant designed to dye vinyl.

  3. Push the vinyl fabric underneath the hole, taking care not to create an even larger opening.

  4. Smooth out the vinyl fabric under the hole so it is perfectly flat.

  5. Apply vinyl adhesive around the inside edges of the hole. Buy vinyl adhesive at your local hardware or craft store.

  6. Press edges together to form a gapless seal around the entire perimeter of the hole.

  7. Allow patch to dry at least 24 hours before using furniture.


  • This technique only works on small holes. If the hole is too large, the entire piece will need to be reupholstered.