How to Troubleshoot GE Appliances

It can be difficult to know how to troubleshoot GE appliances simply because GE creates so many different types of appliances that are used in homes and businesses.
Despite this, there are some basic things that can be checked for on each of these appliances if there is a problem with the power supply.

Step 1

Troubleshoot the power supply for any GE appliance by first checking with the breaker or fuse box. Sometimes it can appear that the breaker has not been tripped, even though it is actually located in the middle area. Be sure that the breaker is switched all the way to the right before pushing it back over to the left. A large amount of power supply problems stem from problems with the breaker.

Step 2

Make sure that the the GE appliance is plugged into the proper outlet. Use a voltage tester to find out how much voltage an outlet gives out. This is especially important for electric dryers, which need a dedicated 220 volt outlet. Trying to use anything else will likely cause problems and could short the system.

Step 3

Check the doors. To troubleshoot GE appliances such as washers, dryers and dishwashers, it is important to make sure that all of the doors to these appliances are properly latching closed. A door that is not latched when it closes will likely not have a complete circuit for the power supply to run through. Simply push on the doors and gently tug on them to see if they have latched into place.

Step 4

Check the displays. GE appliances that have digital displays will often give the appliance owner clues about what might be causing the problems with the power supply. For example, if the power has gone off and come back on, some appliances need to be reset. Check the displays on microwaves, ovens and stoves for a "PF" symbol or a display of "8888." Simply touch "Clear" on the keypad to reset these appliances.

Step 5

Listen for clicking noises from refrigerators. If there has been a power shortage, the compressor on a GE refrigerator will try to re-start itself. This noise will likely last about 3-5 minutes. Wait for the noise to stop before deciding whether or not the refrigerator has something wrong with the power supply.

Things You Will Need

  • GE appliances
  • Voltage tester