How to Build a Lounge Chair

Building your own furniture can be a fun and challenging hobby, and can be less expensive than buying it. A lounge chair must be comfortable enough to lounge in and this one is as easy to build as it is to enjoy. With a few supplies you can easily make this lounge chair in minutes.

Building a Lounge Chair

  1. Measure 1 foot from the end of one of the 3 foot 1-by-12 inch boards. Drill a hole in the center of the board with a bit the size the jigsaw blade will fit in to.

  2. Measure and draw a rectangle 4 1/4 inch long and 1 inch wide around this center hole you drilled. Jigsaw the rectangle pattern out.

  3. Measure up 1 foot from the end on the other board. Mark the exact spot and then find the center of the foot wide board. Measure 2 1/8 inch to the right and left of that center point. Use the straight edge square to mark a line on the board on both sides marks lengthwise to create two rectangle patterns to cut out with the jigsaw. Cut out both side rectangle pieces to create the T-shaped board.

  4. Sand all the edges of the two boards.

  5. Paint varnish onto both pieces of wood and allow each piece to dry for a day after you have painted every side.

  6. Slide the T-shape into the 4 1/4 inch hole to create the reclining lounge chair.


  • Wear gloves and protective eyewear.
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