How to Build a Farm Table

A cozy addition to the new living room is a farm table. Because of their versatility, farm tables can be used in just about any room of the house. The more common use is the living room or sitting room where beverages might be placed. Of course, they can also be the resting place of a number of different items used in home décor.

Farm Table from Old Lumber
  1. Place the 4 pieces of 1x2-inch lumber on the table. Drill pilot holes on the ends of the 14-inch pieces with the countersink bit. Next, apply glue to the ends of them, place the 2 longer pieces between them and secure them with the drywall screws. This is the skirt for the table.

  2. Drill pilot holes through the width of the skirt every 6 inches. Be certain that the countersink hole is not deeper than ½-inch.

  3. Place the 18x48x¾-inch MDF on the table. Measure and make marks 2 inches from the edges around the perimeter of the MDF. Place the framing square on these marks and draw lines to create a rectangle that is set 2 inches inside the perimeter of the MDF (dimensions of the drawn rectangle: 14x44 inches).

  4. Apply glue just inside the rectangle drawn in Step 3. Place the skirt on the line and secure it to the MDF with the drywall screws. Clean up excess glue with a damp cloth.

  5. Drill countersink holes through the face of the skirt 1½ inches from each of the corners (8 holes total). Apply glue in the corners of the skirt and on the MDF and place a spindle in the corner. Secure it to the skirt with drywall screws. Be certain the spindle pulls up tight against the skirt and is resting on the MDF as well. Clean up the excess glue with a damp cloth. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

  6. Turn the farm table upright. Sand with 100-grit sandpaper and an electric vibrating sander.


  • Do not leave power tools unattended. Wear lung protection when sanding, routing or cutting MDF.
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