How to Make a Faucet & Bucket Fountain

Add interest to your landscaping with a charming country fountain you can easily make from a faucet and a bucket. You can find old faucets and metal buckets at your local architectural salvage yard. Or, you can order replicas of antique faucets online. These faucet and bucket fountains can be placed among the day lilies in your garden, or they can stand alone in your back yard under a shady tree.

Old Bucket
  1. Collect the materials for this project from thrift stores, salvage yards, flea markets and your local home improvement supply store. You can also find a variety of fountain pumps from online retailers. Old metal may be rusty and can be easily cleaned with a wire brush and water.

  2. Drill a hole in the center of the copper tubing. Press one end of the copper tubing at least 6 inches into the ground where you plan to place your faucet and bucket fountain. Place the bucket adjacent to the drilled opening in the tubing. Place a few stones or rocks in the bottom of the bucket for added weight.

  3. Place the stocking over the pump so that the mechanism is protected from outdoor debris. Join the pump to the brick with the rubber band. This will keep the pump from floating in the bucket. Attach the plastic tubing included with the pump to the pump and feed along the side of the bucket and over the top and into the opening you made in the copper tubing. Seal the hole around the plastic tubing with plumber's putty. Attach the plastic tubing to the side of the bucket with waterproof adhesive. Tape it with duct tape until it dries.

  4. Attach the fitting to the top of the copper tubing with plumber's putty. Spread plumber's putty on the threads of both the faucet and the fitting. Attach the faucet to the fitting with a wrench.

  5. Fill the bucket with water before you open the faucet and turn on the fountain pump. If you need to use an extension cord to plug in your pump, make sure that it is one appropriate for outdoor use.


  • Wear gloves when you work with old metal to protect yourself from metal shards.
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