How to Change a Bissell Vacuum Belt

Due to everyday wear and tear, your Bissell vacuum's belt may break. Most belt breakage is caused by a buildup of friction and heat. To get your vacuum in working order again, you need to buy a replacement belt that is made for your specific Bissell model. There is no need to replace your entire vacuum or bring the machine to an expensive repair shop when you can replace the broken belt yourself in a matter of minutes.

  1. Flip the vacuum over so that the bristles are facing up. Pull back on the clips that are located to the left and right of the faceplate that protects the belt and bristle head. Next, dislodge the clips. In the center of the face plate there is another clip that will need to be pulled to fully disconnect the plate. Swing the plate up to pull it off.

  2. Reach in and slide the belt off of the drive wheel, which is a metal rod located close to the rear of the vacuum.

  3. Slide the bristle head out by pulling out with your hands. Clean off the bristle head, if needed.

  4. Place the new belt where old belt was on the bristle head, and put the head back onto the vacuum. Some adjustments may be needed due to the notches at the sides of the bristle head. Pull the belt back and place it onto the drive wheel.

  5. Snap the face plate back onto the vacuum; you will hear a "click" when it is put back into place.

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