How to Finish an Inside Drywall Corner

Every room has has a handful of inside corners. Luckily it's easy to finish inside drywall corner of drywall given the proper technique.

Inside Drywall Corner
  1. Take a small amount of drywall compound and apply it to each side of the inside corner of the drywall. Use a 6" drywall knife to spread it down the corner from the inside to the floor and ceiling. If needed periodically add a little drywall compound.

  2. Take a piece of drywall tape the same length as the distance from the floor to the ceiling and fold it in half. (You can also use 2 or more pieces that add up to the total distance.)

  3. Take the tape and press it into the inside corner of the drywall. Use a drywall knife to press the tape into the corner and smooth it out over the wet drywall compound. Before you can finish the inside corner you need it to dry overnight.

  4. Now use the drywall knife to apply a layer of compound to one side of the inside corner. Let this dry overnight before repeating the process on the opposite side.

  5. Apply at least two layers to each side before sanding the drywall compound with a sanding sponge.


  • Wear safety glasses when you finish the inside corner of drywall with a sanding sponge.

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