How to Make a Necklace Holder

If you are sick of having tangled necklaces, but cannot find a necklace holder in stores that you like, here is a quick, easy and decorative solution to your problem. With just a few items and approximately 10 minutes of your time, you can organize all your necklaces.

Jewelry boxes look nice but they won't keep your necklaces from tangling.

Step 1

Remove the glass and the back of the frame.  Select a picture frame in the stain or color that best matches your bedroom or bathroom decor, or wherever you will hang the necklace holder.

Step 2

Screw the hooks by hand into the top or one of the long sides of the frame.  Depending on the amount of necklaces you have and their length, determine which area of the frame works better for your needs. Space the hooks according to the size of your necklaces. 

Step 3

Cut your scrapbook paper to the size of the frame.  Tape or glue the paper to the back of the frame. Choose a decorative scrapbook page so that when the finished product is hung up, it not only serves the purpose of holding your necklaces, but is also a decorative addition to the area in which it hangs. 

Step 4

Reattach the back of the frame. 

Step 5

Hang your new necklace frame on the wall in its chosen location.  Untangle your necklaces and string them on their new home.

Things You Will Need

  • Picture frame
  • Screw hooks or cup hooks
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Tape or glue


  • Make sure to buy smaller sized cup or screw hooks so they don't look disproportionate to the frame, and also won't split the wood frame when you screw them in.

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