How to Load a Mini Grease Gun

A grease gun is a hand powered tool used for lubricating to machinery or areas that need grease such as springs. A mini grease gun is a smaller version of the grease gun that can reach tighter spaces in need of lubrication. These are relatively easy to use, but loading the grease cartridges into the gun can be a little complicated. With a mini grease gun you will need to refill the grease cartridge more often than the regular sized grease gun if you use it frequently.

  1. Know the parts of the mini grease gun. The extended pipe is the long thin metal piece that is faces towards where you want the grease to go. The head of the mini grease gun is the connection between the extended pipe and the barrel. The barrel is where the grease is loaded and where it is held. The trigger or the T-grip handle is the metal piece that sits over the extended pipe and comes through the end of the barrel.

  2. Remove the extended pipe from the head. Unscrew the extended pipe by turning it counterclockwise.

  3. Pull the T-grip handle down. Turn the cap that sits between the barrel and head counterclockwise. This will disconnect the head from the barrel. Place the grease cartridge into the barrel and replace the cap on top of the barrel. Twist the head clockwise to connect it to the barrel.

  4. Push the T-grip handle back up into the barrel. It will still sit a little outside the barrel, but you will feel it lock into place.

  5. Press the handle to test the mini grease gun. Squeeze the handle towards the barrel. You should see grease come out from the extended pipe.

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