How to Make a Hockey Stick Coat Rack

Steve Brachmann

If you’re looking for a fun project, just go into your garage and see how many hockey sticks you have. Retired or non-playing weekend warriors may have enough sticks to make a coat rack just sitting around. It’s a simple project, and adding some hockey-puck supports can cement your status as an official fan of the popular game. Following these directions, you can turn yesterday’s playing gear into today’s useful household item.

The sharp designs of hockey sticks can create intriguing furniture.

Step 1

Cut the tops of the hockey sticks so that they are all the same height when standing upright. Because of difficulties in measuring both the shaft and the blade of the stick at the same time, this may be most easily achieved by standing the sticks next to each other and using your pencil to mark the proper height. Sawing the tops to the same height will give your coat rack a cleaner, more uniform look.

Step 2

Assemble the frame of the coat rack by using the 2-inch screws to attach each of the sticks to the pucks. The hockey pucks will be the center of the coat rack. They should be spaced evenly for support. Mark them as follows: bottom puck support, one foot above the end of the blade on the shaft; top puck support, two feet from the stick tops; middle support, halfway between the top and bottom supports. Mark these positions on each stick with your pencil. This can be done easily by laying the sticks on top of each other and aligning the bottom edges. Remember that you will be drilling through the thick part of the shaft, with the blade facing you, and mark accordingly.

Step 3

Attach one stick to the three pucks using your 2-inch screws and cordless drill. Make sure the pucks line up with the positions you marked earlier. Repeat with the other two sticks.

Step 4

Attach a coat hook to the top of each stick. Place the hooks at least six inches from the top of the sticks to prevent the rack from getting top-heavy.