How to Pick Window Shutter Colors

Window shutters are a great way to accent the exterior of a home without taking on a large home renovation project.

Choosing Window Shutter Colors

Selecting the right color for the window shutter can make or break the look of the home. Bright, showy shutters can make the home look tacky and out of place, while a tasteful selection will add to the charm and value of your home. Consider these steps when selecting the right window shutter colors for your home improvement project.

Choose the type of window shutters that you want to install on your home. Composite, fiberglass and aluminum shutters are available in a wide range of durable colors. Wood shutters can be painted in a variety of colors as well, but they will require more maintenance and will need to be repainted regularly.

Evaluate the color of your home. If you are planning to repaint your home in a different color, now is an ideal time, while you give the exterior of your home a new look. Avoid bright colors that will make your house stand out from the tone of the other homes in the neighborhood.

Select a trim color for your home. This should complement the color of your home. While the trim can be a shade darker or lighter, avoid bright showy colors. Repaint your trim prior to installing new shutters.

Match your shutters to your trim or select a complementary shade. Most shutters are designed to match the window trim so that the entire window --- shutter included --- looks like a single piece. If you prefer to have your shutters in a different color from your trim, make sure that the two tones are very close. Shutters generally look best when they do not stand out too much from the other colors of your home's exterior.

View paint samples of the prospective colors for your trim and shutters in various lights such as early morning, full daylight and evening. This will help you select a color that you will be happy with any time of day.

Things You Will Need

  • Window shutters Paint samples


  • Professionally selected color schemes are available at many paint and home improvement stores to help you select the right colors for your home.

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