How to Quickly Replace A Lost Social Security Card

Some people are simply disorganized, while others lose their Social Security card due to theft, fire, flood or other disaster.
Possession of your Social Security card helps prove your identity.Possession of your Social Security card helps prove your identity.
Although you may remember the number, which is sufficient in many cases, you will eventually need to show the card to an entity as proof that you are the designated holder of that Social Security Number. To request a new Social Security card, you must go through the Social Security Administration's procedure to prove your identity and receive a replacement card.

Step 1

Visit the Social Security Administration's website, and follow the links to replace a Social Security card.

Step 2

Download Form SS-5 and fill it out.

Step 3

Gather the appropriate identity documentation, which may include government-issued photo identification, birth certificate or marriage license. The exact documentation, which varies based on citizenship status, is outlined on the SSA website. Certified copies are required if mailing the replacement application, or you can take the original with you if visiting an office.

Step 4

Mail or hand-deliver the materials to your local Social Security office. The SSA website features an office locator to assist in finding the nearest facility.

Things You Will Need

  • Your social security number
  • address of your local social security office


  • You can only get three copies in one calendar year and 10 in your lifetime.