How to Repair Boat Floor

If your boat is showing signs of damage on the floor the best thing to do is repair the boat floor. A patch on the floor will not last very long and will cause an uneven spot that could be a tripping hazard. Below are the steps you should follow to repair boat floor.

  1. First you will need to remove the seats. The seats will usually be screwed into the floor or a mounting bracket that is designed to hold them in place. You should be able to remove the cushions to reveal the screws. After you remove the seat make sure you remove any mounting hardware that is left. You should place all the screws and mounting hardware in a plastic bag so they are easy to find when you put the seats back in later.

  2. Next you will need to pull up all the carpeting. If you use extreme care you may be able to reuse the carpet. Most times it will be easier to completely replace the carpet after you have repaired the boat floor. If you are going to replace your carpet it is best to use a good quality marine carpet that will last. This type of carpet is best because it is made to with stand the conditions of a boat. The regular indoor outdoor carpet is not the best pick for a long term carpet.

  3. Now its time to remove the floor. Boat floors are usually connected with screws into the stringer. The stringer is the horizontal lip at the bottom of the boat wall. It is usually about an inch wide and will be directly on top of the boat floor. After you have unscrewed all the bolts from the stringers you should be able to remove the flooring. Make sure you remove all layers of the floor and inspect them to see which ones need to be replaced. You should replace all layers that look bad so you don't have to redo it again next year.

  4. Replace any floor supports that look questionable. They will be screwed into the stringers. These do not usually go bad but if they are questionable make sure to replace them while you have them exposed to save time and money later.

  5. Now its time to put it all back together. Make sure you use a good marine grade plywood so the water does not damage all your hard work. Replace all the screws in the stringers to ensure even support on the flooring. If you would like to finish the wood a good quality varnish is best.

  6. Cover the plywood with a good water resistant carpet clue and stick down the carpet. Allow the carpet glue to dry completely before getting it wet.

  7. Now its time to replace the seat mounting brackets and seats themselves.

  8. Now you're done. The only thing left is to enjoy your boat and your newly repaired boat floor!

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