How to Use an Oreck A260 Air Cleaner

James Clark

The Oreck A260 Air Cleaner is a large, box-shaped air purifier that is designed for large rooms (like a family room or master bedroom) in your home. With the A260, Oreck has created a waterless air cleaning system that is efficient and easy to use.

  1. Be sure that the three filters are in place. For cleaning and filter removal, see step 3. Tip: Place cleaner in a large room, preferably in the center of the room and not against the wall or in a corner. This is so that the room air will be evenly circulated.

  2. Locate your power switch (it will be on top of the unit on the right hand side). Choose your preferred setting (high, low, or medium) by pressing the button. It is important to note that if it is your first occasion of turning the machine on, it will take several hours of continuous use before the air has been cleaned sufficiently.

  3. When you are ready to remove and clean the air filters (after a few months of use: three months is a good rule of thumb), you may do so easily. Of the three filters, two are washable by water and one must be purchased from Oreck to be replaced. First, start by removing the lid (it simply snaps off by hand).

  4. Once the lid has been removed, look inside your unit and you will see a handle. Remove the center filter by pulling the handle. The two side filters will slide out from inside the center filter by pulling.

  5. Soak the large center filter and prefilter in a tub of water for several minutes, and then wipe down with a cloth to dry. Replace the charcoal filter by purchasing more (you can get them from your Oreck dealer, or online. See reference for purchase details).

  6. After the center and prefilter have been cleaned, and the charcoal filter replaced, simply slide the side filters back into the center filter, place them in the machine and close the lid. You are ready to start using your air cleaner again.