How to Avoid Scorpions

If you have ever been stung by a scorpion, you knows this is an experience not to be repeated. Because these little creatures are masters of camouflage and prefer dark hiding places, they can be difficult to avoid. Scorpions prefer to hide in dark places during daylight hours and are nocturnal -- meaning they are generally most active and do their hunting at night.

Scorpions can hide in shoes and under bark.

Step 1

Bang the heel of your shoes on the ground to knock scorpions out before putting the shoes on your feet if you are camping outdoors. Check your sleeping bag at night before crawling in. Check your backpack before putting it on after an extended rest and check your tent before breaking camp.

Step 2

Lift branches, firewood or bark from one end to inspect for bark scorpions. This is especially true of scattered pieces of bark from dead or fallen trees. These small scorpions have a tendency to hide on wood, generally curled up on the underside of downed branches. Never stick your hand under a log or branch to pick it up.

Step 3

Wear gloves and shoes when working on the yard. If you feel something crawling on your leg, brush it off rather than swatting it. Scorpions only sting if they feel threatened, the University of Arizona College of Agriculture notes.

Step 4

Examine your yard with a battery-operated black light to find where scorpions are hiding. And taking such a lamp camping makes checking the tent, bags and shoes easy.