How to Make your Mattress Softer

This is an easy way to help soften up your mattress. It is an easy way to save a lot of money instead of buying a new mattress.

Make your Mattress Softer
  1. The first step in our quest to soften up our current mattress is to get out a mattress topper. If you do not have a soft mattress topper then drive on into your nearest Target or Walmart and purchase a soft mattress topper. These are great for softening up your firm mattress. You can also purchase them online if you can not get out of your house. There are incredible deals online.

  2. Now that we have our mattress topper we need to remove all the sheets and mattress pads off of our mattress.

  3. Now we need to fit the topper over our mattress. Most toppers fit your mattress like a fitted sheet. Now we need to add our mattress pad or protector and then the sheets and blankets. Now lay down and take nap on your new softer mattress.


  • Memory foam toppers are a firm foam so be aware when trying to soften your bed.

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