How to Clean a T-Fal Smart Deep Fryer

The kitchen appliance company called T-Fal gets its name from the words "teflon" and "aluminum," the materials used to create its first product in 1954, a non-stick frying pan.

Over the years, the company expanded its brand name to include other kitchen accessories, such as the deep fryer, which was introduced in 1987. The T-Fal Simply Smart Deep Fryer is just one of the several fryers in T-Fal's collection.

Allow your T-Fal Smart Deep Fryer to cool completely before cleaning it. Due to the extremely hot temperatures reached during the frying process, cooling may take up to three hours.

Remove the filter cover and the charcoal filter from the lid of your T-Fal Smart fryer. These parts are similar to a kidney bean in shape and can be lifted right out of the lid. The filter cover and the filter itself may become damaged if they get wet.

Take the fryer lid off of the body of the fryer and remove the frying basket.

Moisten a sponge with water and dish detergent and wash the T-Fal Smart fryer lid and basket. The basket may be cleaned under running water or placed in a dishwasher. The lid should not be immersed in water. The body of the fryer may also be cleaned with a damp sponge.

Wipe down the fryer's lid and body with a damp sponge to remove soap residue.

Dry all the parts of the deep fryer thoroughly with a towel before reassembling the lid, filter and filter cover. Make sure the basket is dry before placing it back into the fryer.

Things You Will Need

  • Sponge
  • Dish detergent
  • Dishwasher
  • Towel


  • Clean your deep fryer with non-abrasive cleansers to avoid scratching the non-stick surfaces.