How to Make Outdoor Pendant / Hanging Light Fixtures (pictures)

I'm telling you--once you learn to make your own pendant light fixtures, you'll be changing all your light fixtures to pendants, designing your own outdoor ceiling lights, and more! This article will show you step by step how to make an outdoor ceiling light from a repurposed hanging candle vase.

outdoor hanging lightingoutdoor hanging lighting
outdoor hanging lighting 1

To make your outdoor ceiling light, first find a hanging candle holder that fits the style you are looking for. I got this candle "vase" at T J Max for $9. I was looking for a Moroccan style, and this fit the style perfectly.

outdoor hanging lighting 2

To repurpose the hanging candle light into a ceiling fixture, you'll need a ceiling light canopy. Drill three small holes in the light canopy at equal distances from each other.

hanging lighting supplies

Purchase silver straight pins and washers from a bead or craft store.

outdoor hanging lighting 3

Insert a pin into a washer, then pass the pin through one of the holes in the light canopy (downwards). Curl the straight pin to create an "eye" from which the light cover will hang. Repeat for all three holes.

outdoor hanging lighting 4

Cut approximately a 14" length of light fixture electrical cord (this cord usually comes with white markings on it which you can remove with goof off). Strip the ends sufficiently to insert into the light socket. Tighten the positive and negative wires onto light socket and screw socket back together.

outdoor ceiling lighting

Decide how far down you want your light to hang from the canopy. Insert the electrical cord through the center of the canopy (you can find rubber pieces for the canopy hole as seen here at an electrical supply store ). Adjust both the length of the electrical assembly (including bulb) and the length of the chains from which the glass cover will hang. The last link each of the three chains will be a clip that you can use to easily remove the cover when you need to change a light bulb.

outdoor ceiling lighting 2

Install your outdoor hanging light on your porch ceiling. Sit back and admire your handiwork.

Things You Will Need

  • Hanging candle holder
  • Ceiling light canopy
  • Length of electrical cord
  • Light socket
  • Silver Straight pins
  • Silver washers
  • Needle nose pliers