How to Remove the Dyson Container

Dysons are high-quality vacuums, famous for having containers instead of bags.

Removing an Upright Dyson Container

It can be tricky to remove the container, or canister, on an upright Dyson. On this model, the bagless container is part of a larger component that is attached to the vacuum body. You must remove the larger component before you can release the container.

Locate the container release button. This is on the front of the machine atop the container.

Grip the curved handle on the front of the machine and push the container release button with your thumb, while tipping the container away from the machine.

Place the container's bottom into a garbage bag.

Locate the release loop. This is underneath the container release button.

Stick a finger into the release loop and pull upwards to open the canister. The canister's contents will spill into the garbage bag. Inspect the canister to ensure it's clean. Close the bag and dispose of the contents.

Replace the canister into the vacuum cleaner by putting the front bottom down first, then pushing the entire component into the vacuum body until you hear a click.

Things You Will Need

  • Dyson upright vacuum
  • Garbage bag


  • You can use a damp cloth to clean the container. Make sure the canister is dry before you put the vacuum back together.


  • Always unplug the vacuum before removing any components.


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