How to Kill Ants the Non-Toxic Way

We've all had ants in our house at one time or another, and getting rid of the little critters permanently is never easy.

What to Do

There are plenty of pesticides on the market today, and many of them work quite well. But what if you have pets, small children or sick family members who can't be around all those chemicals? You might also want to avoid pesticides as part of your effort to go green. Whatever the reason, it's easy to kill those ants the nontoxic way.

Put 1/8 teaspoon of powdered borax into small containers. Use as many containers as you need to have at least one in each place you have ants.

Mix the borax with 1/8 teaspoon of either sugar or honey. Use just enough so you have a good mixture of the two ingredients.

Place the containers around your house, anywhere you're having problems with ants. You can also place them outside if you have ant problems on your porch or patio.

Allow the ants to come to your trap and take the nontoxic ant killer back to the nests. They won't be back!

Spread the diatomaceous earth across your yard, both front and back. This adds a second layer of protection to keep ants away from your home.

Trace any outside ant trails with chalk. Ants won't cross the chalk lines, and it will disrupt their scent path.

Things You Will Need

  • Powdered borax
  • Small containers
  • Sugar or honey
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Chalk


  • Keep a spray bottle filled with white vinegar instead of store-bought pesticides. Any time you see ants start to crop up in unwanted places, just pull out your bottle and give them a spray. Plant mint around the outside of your property. Mint is a natural ant deterrent, and if you keep the plants in good shape, you've got a permanent ant barrier around your property. Sprinkle instant grits around your house or anywhere ants frequent. The grits work the same manner as the borax solution you made. Ants will take the grits back to their nest and distribute them, killing the entire nest in the process. Keep your house sparkling clean. Ants love the food you leave out, so just stop leaving it out for them.


  • If you have pets, birds or a lot of wildlife around your home, avoid using grits outside. Some animals have a difficult time digesting grits.

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