How to Make a Pyramid Razor Sharpener

Shaving with a razor blade is a ritual that millions of men go through each day. The bane of shaving is that the blade goes dull too soon and ends up cutting your face. The mysterious power of the pyramid is known to keep the blade keen on sharpened items like razor blades. Making a pyramid razor sharpener could not only save you money, but also keep your face from looking like 10 miles of bad road each morning.

  1. Draw a triangle on a sheet of construction paper using the pen and ruler. Cut out the triangle with the scissors.

  2. Cut out three more triangles from construction paper using the first triangle as a guide.

  3. Apply white glue to the three sides of each of the four triangles.

  4. Place the four triangles together so that the small point is at the top. Push the sides of each triangle against the two adjacent triangles so that the white glue holds them together. Let the white glue dry.

  5. Apply additional white glue to the outside of the pyramid to reinforce the sides. Let the white glue dry.


  • Shaving with a used blade can cause many cuts on the face. Go slowly in case the pyramid didn't sharpen the blade.
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