How to Open a Pur Filter

Matthew Ferguson

The Pur Water Filtration System offers a variety of designs for filtering water from your tap at home. To keep your Pur system operating effectively, the filters in these systems need to be changed periodically. Two of these systems, which attach directly to your faucet, need to be opened in order to access the old filter and install the new one.


  1. Identify which Pur faucet filtration system you own. One system swivels at its base and has to be tilted forward before filtering water, while the other is fixed in place.

  2. Open the swivel filtration system by tilting the filter housing forward, as you would when filtering water. Unscrew the cap at the tip, turning counterclockwise, to reveal the Pur filter.

  3. Turn the faucet on. This will eject the filter into the sink.

  4. Open a fixed filtration system by turning the cap at the tip counterclockwise. You will see the Pur filter inside.

  5. Grasp the filter with your fingertips and remove it.