How to Keep Robins Away from House & Window Washing

Robins tend to be territorial birds. If one catches its reflection in your clean house windows, it may charge at the mirror-bird to try to chase it off. This behavior not only can dirty your clean windows, but it can also injure or kill the bird if it builds up enough speed. Deterring birds from flying into your windows will be good for both the windows and the birds.

  1. Keeping your curtains or blinds drawn, whenever possible, will cut down on the clarity of reflections, thereby deterring birds from flying into the glass.

  2. Attach a layer of netting in front of windows to catch birds before they reach the glass. The netting will also distract the birds from the glass reflection, keeping them from flying into the windows.

  3. Remove hanging plants from windows. If robins see hanging foliage in a window, it will enhance the notion that they can fly clear through that area.

  4. Move bird feeders away from windows. If you are an avid bird feeder and want to keep attracting robins to your feeders, simply move the feeders back from any windows. This will cut back on the threat robins feel from their own reflections.

  5. Stick adhesive shapes, such as predator birds in flight, on the outside of your windows. Not only does the image break up the glass and distract the birds from their reflections, but it will also create a sense of alarm that deters birds from approaching the glass.

About the Author

Jennifer Hudock is an author, editor and freelancer from Pennsylvania. She has upcoming work appearing in two Library of the Living Dead Press anthologies and has been published in numerous print and online journals, including eMuse, Real TV Addict and Strange Horizons. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English/creative writing from Bloomsburg University.