How to Replace a Water Valve on a Maytag Washing Machine

The water valve on the Maytag washing machine control the hot and cold water supply to the washer.

Water valves accomplish this through the use of solenoids. When the solenoids become defective it is necessary to replace the water valve. You can replace the water valve on a Maytag washing machine yourself and save money on a service call. Get the model number of your washer and purchase a new Maytag water valve from an appliance repair store.

Disconnect the Maytag washing machine power cord from the wall outlet. Slide the washer away from the wall 3 feet so that you can work behind the washer. Turn off the water supply to the Maytag washer. The water shut-off valves are on the spigots coming from the wall.

Go behind the washer and place a bucket underneath the water supply hoses where they connect to the Maytag washing machine water valve. Use a pair of pliers to remove the water hoses from the water valve. Place the ends of the water supply hoses inside the bucket to catch any residual water.

Disconnect the front of the control console from the top of the Maytag washing machine. Remove the single screw on each end of the control console with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Lift the front of the control console up and flip the console back to let it rest on the rear hinges.

Locate the two clips that secure the back panel to the Maytag washing machine cabinet. Insert a flatblade screwdriver into the clips on the top rear corner of the cabinet. Push the handle of the screwdriver toward the wall to pop the clips out of the cabinet hole. The back panel will now move back enough for you to access the Maytag water valve.

Use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two screws that secure the Maytag washing machine water valve to the rear panel. Reach inside the rear panel and use a pair of pliers to compress the compression clamp that secures the outlet hose on the water valve. Pull the outlet hose off of the water valve.

Disconnect the wire leads from the water valve by using needle nose pliers to pull the leads off of the water valve terminals. Carefully rotate the valve and pull it out of the rear panel. When replacing the water valve on a Maytag washing machine, be sure to wrap plumbers tape around the threads of the new water valve. Insert the new water valve into the opening in the rear panel. Secure the water valve using the retaining screws.

Connect the wires to the Maytag water valve by slipping the leads over the terminals. Reconnect the outlet hose to the outlet port on the water valve. Go to the front of the Maytag washing machine and secure the rear panel to the cabinet using the retaining spring clamps. Flip the control console back on the top of the washer and secure it with the retaining screws.

Go back to the rear of the washer and attach the water supply hoses to the new Maytag water valve. Tighten the hoses using the pliers. Plug the Maytag washing machine back into the wall outlet and push the washer back against the wall.

Things You Will Need

  • Bucket
  • Pliers
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Replacement water valve


  • Always disconnect power from appliances before attempting repairs.

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