How to Get a Journeyman Plumbing License

Knowledge of a trade such as plumbing can pave the way to a successful career, as long as you have patience and are dedicated to your work. While a master license often is the highest level for a tradesman, a journeyman license can make several paths available to a plumber.

  1. Find out what your state or city requirements are for obtaining a journeyman plumber license. Requirements vary from place to place, but most areas require that applicants be at least 21 years of age.

  2. Serve as an apprentice plumber for a specific period of time under a qualified plumber--usually a master plumber, depending on state or city requirements. Five years is the typical time requirement.

  3. Prepare for the journeyman written examination. Study guides are available for the test, and those preparing for the test are strongly encouraged to study these books, even if they have the practical experience necessary.

  4. Take and pass the journeyman plumber examination which assesses whether applicants have knowledge of federal and local plumbing codes, state regulations, maintenance and repair of plumbing systems, and knowledge of plumbing system installation.

  5. Journeyman plumber licenses usually have to be renewed after one year, and there is usually an annual license fee.